12,000kg GVW | 2024 DAF LF210 12t Curtain Side Tail Lift Truck

DAF LF 210

Alltruck has several brand new 2024 DAF LF 12-tonne curtain side trucks available for hire, lease or rent to own. For hire rates, contact our Grangemouth rental desk on 01324 374 699 or email booking enquiries to: [email protected]

Key Features:
210hp Engine
Automatic Gearbox
Day Cab
Single Passenger Seat
22ft Curtain Side Body
Tuck Away Tail Lift
Barn Doors
4650mm wheelbase
12,000kg GVW (12-tonne)
Unladen Weight: 5740kg (Over 6t Payload)

Factory Built Standard 22ft Body
Cab exterior
Maintenance-free 4-point mechanical cab suspension with integrated shock absorbers.
Translucent external sun visor above the windscreen, colour green.
Bumper-mounted fog lights.
Bi-reflector halogen headlights with impact-resistant Lexan lens.
Headlight beam for left-hand traffic. 
Daytime running lights. 
Green-tinted glass. 
The main mirror and wide-angle mirror are on the driver's side and co-driver's side. Kerb view mirror at co-driver's side. 
Mirror brackets for body width 2.50 - 2.60 m. 
Front view mirror to comply with EC directive 2003/97/EC for frontal field of view. 

Adjustable roof air deflector shaped for aerodynamic streamline between cab and body.
Short side collars.

Curtain colour 557 blue, with white front panel and rear door, alloy unpainted.
Colour roof air deflector: Brilliant White.
Colour of side collars: Brilliant White.
Cab colour: H3279WHTE 
Colour of the headlamp panel and the bumper: Stone Grey. 
Cab steps and wing Stone Grey. 
Chassis colour grey. 

Cab interior
Arm rest on the driver seat.
Right-hand drive. 
Black steering wheel with soft grip finish. 
Steering column rake adjustment with mechanical lock. 
Air suspended driver seat with integral head restraint and three-point seat belt. Seat upholstery velour with vinyl rear. 
Fixed co-driver seat with integral head restraint and three-point seat belt. Seat upholstery velour with vinyl rear. 
Seat belts black. 
Storage box on the engine tunnel. 
Electric window openers. 
Converter 24V to 12V, 15A, 180W. 

Communication and driving management

Digital (smart) tachograph VDO DTCO with Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver and Dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) unit, compliant to EU Annex 1C tachograph regulation.
The speed limiter is set at 85 km/h nominal. The tolerance enables a maximum vehicle speed of 88.5 km/h.
Radio/USB player. Speaker system with 2 speakers.
TruckPhone. Hands-free telephone kit with SIM card slot (for 2G or 3G network only) and Bluetooth antenna. Multipoint pairing enables simultaneous operation of two additional mobile phones from the steering wheel.
DAF Connect is an online fleet management system giving insight in relevant truck, driver and location information. 
Speedometer with main scale in m/h and secondary scale in km/h. 
Combi-antenna for AM/FM, GSM and GPS. GSM ranges 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and GPRS. 
Driver Performance Assistant (DPA). Interactive programme to support the driver in achieving the most cost-effective driving style. The DPA information is shown on the 5 inch full colour TFT display in the instrument panel. 

Safety and security
Acoustic reverse warning with override switch.
Lane Departure Warning System to prevent inadvertent lane changes due to driver's fatigue or distraction and to form an effective driving aid in low visibility conditions. 
Electronic Vehicle Stability Control system (VSC) to enhance the active driving safety. Improved directional stability (understeer, oversteer jack-knifing) and additional roll-over safety. 

Suspension and axles
Single reduction driven rear axle type SR8.22 with electronically controlled 2-bellow air suspension, including shock absorbers and stabiliser. Max. load 8.5 tonnes.
Front axle type F48. Parabolic leaf suspension with shock absorbers and stabiliser. Max. load 4.5 tonnes. 

Wheels and tyres
Front axle(s): tyre size 245/70R17.5, wheel size 17.5 x 6.75. 
Driven rear axle(s): tyre size 245/70R17.5, wheel size 17.5 x 6.75. 
Supplier Goodyear. 
Tyre Pressure Indication system. The system monitors speed differences between the wheels. Tyre pressure warnings are given on the LCD display in the instrument panel. 
Steel disc wheels, silvergrey. 
Wheel protection rings with open centre section, colour silver-grey (RAL 9006). 
Spare wheel tyre not applicable. 

Engine PX-5, 4 cylinder diesel engine, 4.5 litres. Output 157 kW (213 hp) at 2300 rpm. Max. torque 850 Nm at 1200-1500 rpm.
Automated overdrive gearbox AS Tronic 6AS800, ratio 6.58-0.78, 6 speeds.
Exhaust emission Euro 6. 
Engine idle shutdown, after idling 5 minutes. 
Rear axle ratio 3.31. 
The ASR (anti-slip regulation) system prevents the driven wheels from slipping when accelerating at driving off and helps the vehicle to remain stable on critical road surfaces. 
On-board diagnostics (OBD) system compliant with Euro VI Step E requirements. 

Brake system
Exhaust brake. Function integration in the Electronic Brake System. If switched on with the steering wheel switch, the exhaust brake will operate on throttle release.
Park brake control. 

Rear light unit with LEDs.
Wheelbase 4.65 m / rear overhang 2.65 m.
Side member height 210 mm, thickness 6.0 mm. No inner reinforcement. 
Standard location of chassis components. 
EAS unit and rearward exhaust discharge at the right-hand side of the chassis. 
Battery box at the left-hand side. No spare wheel carrier. 
Plastic fuel tank 110 litres. 
Fuel tank at the left-hand side of the chassis. 
25 litres tank for AdBlue® positioned at the right-hand side of the chassis. 
Filler cap without lock for tank for AdBlue®. 
Front underrun protection (FUP), according to EU directive 2000/40/EEC. 
Spray suppression in the mudguards, according to directive 91/226/EEC. 
Rear light brackets. 

Bodies and preparations for bodying
External body length 6810 mm (approx. 22 feet).
Load securing with double T lashing links and cargo pole.
Tuck-under tail lift.
Galvanized C section cross bearers, spaced 400 mm.
Body attachment BAM 1, with consoles type B.
Curtain sider body.
External body width 2480 mm.
Contour markings are white to the sides and yellow to the rear. This complies with ECE Regulation 48 for conspicuous markings.
Face-mounted rear lights are at the top of the rear frame.
Standard body floor.
Aluminium kick strips to the interior front, 228 mm.
Rear double doors.
Tail lift platform depth 1220 mm.
Fixed tail lift rear ramp with roll stops.
24V power supply
Alternator 100 A, batteries 2x 175 Ah.

Chassis weight related technical GVM max. 12000 kg.  
Driveline related technical GCM equal to GVM.  

Price on application

REGISTRATION: 3101202401
Weight: 12000kgs
Engine size:
BHP: 210
MOT Expiry: 31 Jan 2027
Cab Type: Day Cab
Gearbox Type: Automatic
Body Type: Curtain
Axle Configuration: 4x2
Wheelbase Length: 4650mm
Mileage: 300
Colour: White


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