Operating commercial vehicles can be a costly business and one way to spread and control your costs is by choosing an R&M contract for your commercial vehicle or entire fleet.

Alltruck provide repair and maintenance contracts at just about any level to meet your business and budgetary needs. No matter if you run a single truck or a full fleet, with Alltruck CompleteFleet R&M contracts, you can fine tune our service agreements to suit. You can opt for a basic contract that covers preventative maintenance and inspections or choose a more comprehensive repair and maintenance package for complete peace of mind.

Our comprehensive R&M packages include full repairing and maintenance of your vehicle, including the replacement of costly parts like clutches, fuel pumps and brakes being covered within the contract. Our comprehensive service plans include replacement vehicles, roadside assistance, delivery and collection to keep downtime to a minimum. Repairs and servicing of ancillary equipment, for example cranes or tail lifts can also be covered by the service contract. Fine-tuned for you and your business an R&M contract can be extremely useful for controlling costs and maximizing the efficiency of your fleet. Speak to one of our service specialists today.