Automotive CCTV Kits and Vehicle Safety Systems

Alltruck is a channel partner in Scotland for Exeros Technologies a specialist in HGV and LCV vehicle CCTV systems. As partners, we supply and install the full range of purpose-built Exeros vehicle CCTV systems and dash cameras. Exeros manufacture and supply a high-quality range of cameras and recording systems which are used by some of the largest fleet operators in the UK and Europe.

With advanced functions such as 360 SkEye view and ADAS assisted driving systems Alltruck can provide a wide range of camera solutions suitable for owner-drivers, SMEs, and multi-national operators. Vehicle CCTV has become more commonplace in fleets with the introduction of FORS, CLOCS and CROSSRAIL operator recognition schemes and safety standards. Vehicle CCTV is proven to significantly reduce claims by up to 60 per cent and is now a worthwhile investment to fleet operators of all sizes.

Installing CCTV will safeguard your fleet and protect your business from fraudulent claims. It will also assist your drivers - providing increased visibility and alerting them to road users and other hazards. Improving safety across your fleet and safeguarding your business.

The Transport for London has introduced the Direct Vision Standard and HGV Safety Permit for all vehicles exceeding 12 tonnes (GVW) entering or operating in Greater London from March 1st 2021. An Exeros camera system will help operators meet these Direct Vision standards for vehicles that will not currently comply with these latest measures to improve safety in central London.

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Single or Multi-Camera Vehicle CCTV systems providing 1080P HD video

Live GPS fleet tracking and real-time live vehicle video

ADAS [Advance Driver Assistance Systems]

One of the most exciting developments from Exeros in recent years is the Exeros ADAS system (Advanced Driver Assistance System) which can be retrofitted to any vehicle to help improve road safety.

An AI-powered algorithm and hardware that alerts the driver to hazards using sounds, vibration, and pictographs. Using forward collision control, lane departure warnings, safe distance proximity and pedestrian detection.

The system can warn the driver of a potential hazard on the road ahead. This could be due to the vehicle ahead suddenly braking or stopping. If a cyclist or pedestrian is within proximity of the vehicle or if the vehicle is veering over the lane without indicating.

Studies show that over 80 per cent of road traffic collisions are caused by human error. A study carried out by AXA insurance determined that just a 1.5-second warning could prevent 90% of collisions. A two-second warning could significantly reduce the probability of front collisions.

If you are looking to improve your fleet safety, you can learn more by speaking to one of our fleet technology specialists. Call 01324 468 302 to have a chat with a member of our team.

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Call 01324 468 302 to speak with a member of our telematic team.