TrakM8 Trackers, Telematics and Dashboard Cameras

Would your business benefit from a Smarter Fleet? or Improved Asset Security?

We now provide a complete suite of industry leading telematics solutions for your business. Alltruck is now an official reseller and installer of Trakm8, a technology leader in fleet management, insurance telematics, fleet optimisation and dashboard camera systems. We now supply the entire range of Trakm8 software and hardware solutions for trucks, vans, trailers, plant equipment and driver behaviour. 


In today's connected world, vehicle tracking technology has evolved to such an advanced level that no transport manager or business owner should ignore the incredible benefits of using tracking devices in their fleet.

For example, by installing a tracker in your vehicle most insurance companies will offer a discount on insurance premiums, and with basic real-time tracking, you can improve on both your customer service and employee safety.

With the addition of CANBus integration, you open the door to a host of information directly from your vehicle's various communication systems, the analysis of such reporting helps fleet owners determine changes to be made that can dramatically improve on fleet management and help address operational issues.

Small operational changes can perhaps relate to driver behaviour, therefore, reducing accidents and improving road safety, or it could have a positive effect on vehicle maintenance or importantly reducing fuel costs; just some of the benefits to be achieved from the analysis of real-time vehicle data.

Alltruck supply and install the full range of tracking devices offered by TrakM8 which are used in millions of vehicles worldwide. As an authorised reseller and telematics installer in Scotland, we supply and fit the T10 LITE tracker to trucks, vans and pickups.

The T10 Lite is a discrete track and trace device that can be supplied and fitted with and without CANBus information. A monthly subscription plan is required for all TrakM8 GPS trackers and CANBus devices in order to access the TrakM8 cloud-based tracking software.

Please contact us to discuss your fleet tracking requirements, we have tracking devices and services that are suited to a wide range of fleet, asset and business needs.

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With hundreds of thousands of trailers over 3.5 tonnes being operated by haulage companies and logistics companies on the UK roads, it is equally important to safeguard trailers from theft or unauthorised use. Alltruck supply and fit TrakM8 trailer tracking devices which are powered by the EBS system, with no need for external battery power. TrakM8's trailer tracker is a rugged device designed to withstand the most demanding of conditions, tried and tested to withstand our harsh Scottish weather.

Real-time GPS tracking combined with TrakM8's cloud-based telematics solution provides fleet managers with the tools to setup Geo-fencing, monitor trailer mileage and to group non-active trailers for improved utilisation. TrakM8's trailer tracking devices can also be used in conjunction with your current trailer management software with the use of live data feeds so there's no need to move providers. Detailed trailer tracking not only protects your trailer from theft but also gives you the ability to manage trailer usage, and to keep on top of trailer maintenance.

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If you currently operate or hire plant equipment, you will be no stranger to standard tracking devices. The fitting of tracking devices to plant and machinery is commonplace due to the high-value and ease of which they can be stolen and transported.

At Alltruck we supply and fit TrakM8's advanced asset tracker to a wide range of plant equipment and machinery for customers across Scotland. With features like remote immobilisation, anti-tamper and diagnostic view, we believe this solution to be one of the best asset trackers on the market for plant operators.

TrakM8's cloud-based reporting software and advanced tracking device transmit and display information passed via the CANBus, providing plant managers with a host of information direct from the tracked equipment that can then be manipulated. For example, machinery can be limited to certain areas via Geo-fencing technology to notify when equipment strays out of predetermined areas. Custom reports can be created to monitor service requirements keeping machinery well maintained and serviced at regular intervals.

If you're looking to change out your current asset tracker and would like a demo of the TrakM8 Asset tracker please contact us.

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TrakM8 Trackers, Telematics and Dashboard Cameras

Would your business benefit from a Smarter Fleet? or Improved Asset Security?


Simplify tacho data collection and streamline the process of analysis with remote tacho downloads. Save time and improve compliance with all driver data being held in the cloud for instant access. Smart tachograph data is easy to access on the Trakm8 dashboard enabling transport managers to make quick and informed decisions.


When operating larger commercial fleets even the smallest of changes in driver behaviour can have a dramatic effect on fuel consumption, reducing wear and tear of vehicles, and instances of speeding. TrakM8 provide a comprehensive cloud-based analytics system with sophisticated driver behaviour algorithms. Designed for transport managers to manage more efficiently and to reward drivers for smarter driving.


As well as telematics, and driver portals TrakM8 provide several dashboard cameras specifically designed to work with its award-winning telematics solutions. The RH600 is one of the first dash cams with built-in 4G telematics for live-stream recording and monitoring in real-time. Proven to reduce accident rates by up to 39 per-cent and cutting instances of speeding by 35 per-cent. The RH600 is capable of live-view, Geo-Fencing, driver scoring, vehicle diagnostics and connected care when used with TrakM8’s cloud-based telematics fleet management system.

TrakM8 also own the Roadhawk brand of dash-cams, which offer tried and tested high quality full HD 1080p video recording. The DC-2 and DC-3 dashboard cameras are the perfect fit for cars, vans and pickups with built-in SD card storage and are easy to self-install. Ideal for SME’s with a mixed fleet of cars, vans and trucks. We can supply a mixture of these vehicle cameras that can be hard wired with security cradles to prevent tampering of the SD card.

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