Forsyth of Denny Takes Two

As the world continues to battle with COVID-19, it would be almost understandable and straightforward for a transport business to ignore an ageing fleet in the hope that it will get them through this crisis unscathed. 

Thankfully for us, winning teams think differently. With a firm plan to invest in its lorry loaders since taking over the business in 2016, Forsyth of Denny continues to push on with plans to replace its aged vehicles with the recent purchase of two more rigid crane vehicles from Alltruck this month. 

We are delighted to say that we have supplied two FASSI F275A.2.23 e-dynamic cranes capable of lifting 8000Kgs at 2.85 metres, which is incredible for such a compact crane. But more importantly for Forsyth’s specialist lifting team - 2305kgs at 10.2 metres, that is over two tonnes at almost thirty-four feet. 

This latest order consists of a newly completed twenty registered DAF CF370 as pictured and an identical 2018 DAF CF fresh off our contract-hire fleet. The rigids, which are both sleeper cabs are on air suspension and have a rear lifting axle to aid manoeuvrability. As with all our flatbed crane builds, the DAF chassis have had heavy-duty galvanised bodies fitted with hardwood floors made by our group coachbuilding division PMH. You certainly won’t miss the two on-site having been wrapped with neon yellow vinyl, a trademark of the Denny based lifting specialist which completes these eye-catching builds.

The two welcome additions to Forsyth's fleet replace a 2008 MAN TGM 18-tonne crane and 2004 Scania 4 series 26-tonne flatbed crane used for contract lifting in the Utility and Construction sector. Both vehicles taken in part-exchange have been disposed of sustainably in a matter of weeks by our experienced disposal team. The cranes were removed and shipped to Poland for a second life. The Scania chassis has found its way to Malawi, and the MAN TGM was the last to go to a local business who plan to mount a recovery bed to the chassis. 

The average age of the fleet was ten years when the Windhoist group purchased from the Forsyth family. In only four years the new owners have stuck to their plan and have reduced this to over half those years. When the opportunity presented itself for the supply of 2 x new rigid crane trucks, Alltruck were delighted to put forward a proposal and welcomed an existing customer that clearly understands the value in what we offer as a full-service supplier in Scotland.

Conor McManus Forsyth's Manager "We have a great long-term relationship with Alltruck, our first vehicle purchased when taken over Forsyth’s was a new rigid Mercedes-Benz with a FASSI F485. It's been a great workhorse and worked really well for us. We know Martin and Danny very well and trust them with our business. The FASSI crane is excellent, and we have no issues with the service and support from Alltruck, Danny is exceptional as always."

The Forsyth fleet consists of twenty heavy-commercial cranes, a mix of rigid lorry loaders and artic cranes. Due to reliability and service, the fleet is standardised with FASSI cranes and a few Hiab. The fleet includes F275, F485, F660 and the pride of fleet, which is a FASSI F820. Alltruck are proud to continue our relationship with such a forward-thinking transport specialist and are delighted that Forsyth of Denny have chosen to further invest in the FASSI product.

Forsyth of Denny Takes Two FASSI Crane Trucks from Alltruck